Drakonboard dashboard

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Smart City metrics for urban development and media

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What customer problem we solve?

Smart cities and advertisers have no measuring for the actual audiences

our vision


A palm-size computer with a tiny lens using AI and ML to report numbers & demographic data by detecting objects by shape
(people and vehicles)

our solution


A palm-size computer with a tiny lens using face-detecting algorithm to measure numbers & demographic data of people and vehicles

Drakoneye sensor case
for cities & advertisers

Measuring point

We attach the drakoneye in selected measuring points in cities, from media signages to eg. buildings and traffic signs

Drakoneye attached to media
creating data for our customers

a data collecting network

Measuring points create a data collecting network which provides data to cities for smart-city development and media agencies and advertisers to monitor and optimize their campaigns

Drakoneye data collecting network
easy to understand


Collected data can be downloaded or monitored in real-time on the Drakonboard dashboard.

Smart city data
Number of people and vehicles in total who have passed the measuring point
Number of times object or advert has been viewed

Number of people who have looked at the object or advert 

Viewers' data
People’s age and gender who have viewed or passed

Identity safe

No GDPR-related data collected

AI & ML capabilities

Detects objects by shapes and learns
(Patent pending)

Compatible with other data sources

API can be used to export data to other system.

Acting without an understanding is silly and it is difficult to gain understanding unless you measure. From Redrakon we get data whether our display reaches the right people and how they react

Jukka Kurttila

CDO Finlayson

Redrakon Finlayson collaboration

We had a product development pilot with Redrakon. We wanted to verify the coverage of our digital billboards including cars as they are the largest passing mass for us. This was implemented and in the future we can e.g. boost sales with Redrakon’s Drakonboard real-time data and be transparent to our customers about the reach of their campaign. 

Matti Manninen

Product Manager Medialiiga

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