Don't assume.

we are tired of outdoor
ad performance
being based on misleading assumptions


The unique combination
of a camera, a small computer
and an algorithm
offers a way to measure
the visibility of objects,
-such as ads.

Acting without an understanding is silly and it is difficult to gain understanding unless you measure. From Redrakon we get data whether our display reaches the right people and how they react

Jukka Kurttila

CDO Finlayson


Redrakon provides you
accurate measurements for
how your exact communication
such as a marketing campaign performs


How many views your object has gotten


How many women or men have seen it


How old are the people that have seen it


What emotional state people are in while looking at the object in question

we respect the privacy of each individual passing by the device which means no viewers can be identified (patent pending)

REdrakon dashboard

View your collected data in real time

Redrakon dashboard
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